What Is A Testimonial Video?

A testimonial is pretty self explanatory, it’s a video form of a review of your product or service. This allows a potential customer to hear a past customers experience and thoughts about your business. A testimonial video is an important part of an overall effective video strategy. Studies show that video is the best type of content to help with conversions and specifically, testimonials have the highest conversion rates of all videos. This is because people want social proof, that other people in their position to have had a positive outcome when going with your products or services.

Customers do this with every product or service, it doesn’t matter whether it’s something that costs $5 or $500, people want to see reviews and testimonials. They want to see the social proof. Testimonial videos build credibility and trustworthiness for your product or service. Everyone has come across a website that has written reviews or testimonials, but more often than not, I am willing to bet that those are fake, but a video that displays genuine authenticity helps to reinforce your credibility.

Testimonial Video Example