What Is A Brand Message Video?

The Brand Message Video is the most important type of video for a business to have, it is the first step in an effective video strategy. This helps explain what the message behind your brand so when a potential customer is looking at your site. They can press play on a video and understand who you are, what product or service you provide, why you are of value to them vs. your competitors, and then a definitive call-to-action at the end to help guide your potential customers through the buying stages.

This helps to pre-frame the sale. These potential customers have questions that they need answers before they make a purchasing decision. This helps keep them on your website longer and turn them into conversions. You can have the best information about yourself on your website, but no one wants to scroll and read to discover that. A Brand Message Video gives them the information they need in a clear and concise way to help them positively make a decision.

Let’s do a little scenario here, say a potential customer of yours named Fred goes on Google and looks for your service or product in their area. If you have done proper SEO, then you will show up on the first page of the search, but so will your top competitors. Now Fred is actively looking to spend money, so he will want to do a little research on the websites that came up on the search result. He will need to find the company that will help him the best. When he comes across your site and watches your professional video, what kind of effect do you think that would have on his buying decision. In 2-3 minutes, he is able humanize and emotionally attach to you and your brand. He then goes to your competitors site and sees no video, but instead has to search for information and do more work than simply watching a video. Which site and brand do you think would stand out in his mind the most?

Whoever gets Fred to call or inquire first, has the best chance of converting them to a sale. A Brand Message Video is a 2-3 minute video that helps get your story and value across as efficiently as possible, so that way you don’t have to spend your time, as a business owner, trying to win them over with lengthy inquiry calls.

Brand Message Video Example